Peshawar: In a series of unfortunate events, two separate incidents of bombings have shaken the region. South Waziristan fell victim to a devastating bomb blast, resulting in two fatalities and leaving three individuals injured. Simultaneously, in Peshawar, an explosive device detonated near the residence of a businessman, fortunately causing no loss of life.

According to local authorities, the bomb blast occurred earlier today in close proximity to a government school located in Moley Khan Bazar. The explosion claimed the lives of two individuals, namely Malik Dawood and Khun Jan, who tragically lost their lives in this act of violence.

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Additionally, three other individuals, identified as Abid, Junaid, and Shahid, sustained injuries as a result of the blast.

In the wake of this horrific incident, prompt action was taken to transfer the deceased and injured to nearby hospitals, where they are receiving necessary medical attention. The authorities have launched a comprehensive investigation into the matter, aiming to bring those responsible to justice.

In a separate incident, an explosive device detonated at the entrance of a businessman’s residence in the Faqirabad area of Peshawar. Fortunately, there were no reported casualties resulting from the blast, as confirmed by the Peshawar Police.

Authorities have determined that the explosives were planted near the gate by unidentified suspects riding a motorcycle. The Peshawar Police have initiated a search operation to apprehend the culprits, and an investigation is currently underway. They express confidence in apprehending the suspects promptly and bringing them to justice.

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