Once again, the caretaker government has implemented a significant increase in the prices of petroleum products, causing distress among citizens. The government has raised the price of petrol by Rs. 26.02 per liter and high-speed diesel by Rs. 17.34 per liter.

The Ministry of Finance has issued a notification outlining the revised prices for petroleum products. Following this adjustment, the new price for petrol stands at Rs. 331.38 per liter, while the new rate for diesel is set at Rs. 329.18 per liter.

Public sentiment has overwhelmingly rejected this price surge, with citizens expressing their dissatisfaction and asserting that the caretaker government is exacerbating their daily challenges. Mah Noor, a resident of Mardan, lamented that every time fuel prices increase, the cost of living surges in tandem.

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She emphasized that Pakistan’s populace is already grappling with the burdens of inflation, making it increasingly challenging for low-income individuals and families to make ends meet. Rather than continually raising fuel prices, the government should prioritize providing relief to its citizens by lowering petroleum product prices.

These new prices went into effect at midnight, adding to the financial strain faced by the public. It should be noted that earlier in September, the caretaker government had also raised fuel prices.

This is not the first instance of the caretaker government hiking fuel prices, as it had previously implemented similar increases. These moves had faced legal challenges, including a case filed in the Lahore High Court. However, despite these concerns, no hearings or resolutions were forthcoming.