In Charsadda, a commendation ceremony celebrated the contributions of officials who ensured the peaceful conduct of recent elections, with cash prizes awarded to police personnel. The coordinated efforts between the public and the police, outlined in a pre-election strategy, played a pivotal role in maintaining peace throughout the district.

Charsadda, strategically located with sensitive borders, faced the challenge of securing 746 polling stations, including 439 declared highly sensitive due to past terrorism incidents. A deployment of around 5 thousand policemen, supported by Frontier Corps personnel as a quick response force, successfully averted any incidents that could have led to election postponement or cancellation.

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District Police Officer Charsadda, Nazir Khan, highlighted the district’s historical vulnerability to terrorist attacks, making public security a significant challenge for the police. The Election Commission’s proactive engagement with the police, ensuring necessary security equipment, arms, and preparations, contributed to the successful implementation of security measures.

Despite facing three terrorist attacks on the police in 2023, the Charsadda police, in collaboration with the public, demonstrated effective cooperation. Meetings with local leaders and candidates fostered assurance and cooperation, leading to a well-managed election day where citizens adhered to law-abiding behavior.

Nazir Khan emphasized the establishment of committees in sensitive areas and the importance of police satisfaction, which significantly impacts their commitment to duty. In recognition of these efforts, DPO Charsadda hosted a dinner honoring election duty officials, accompanied by cash rewards for the dedicated police personnel.