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The residents of Bajaur’s Mamund Tehsil are grappling with numerous difficulties due to the deteriorating condition of many roads in the area. Mamund, being the largest tehsil in Bajaur in terms of population, has faced neglect in various aspects of life. Education, healthcare, and communication have been significantly affected in Mamund Tehsil.

Several road projects were initiated with the aim of improving connectivity and transportation in the area. However, despite the demolition of old roads, minimal progress has been made in terms of their reconstruction or repair. The following roads in Tehsil Mamund have experienced delays in completion:

Ghotki to Safrey Road (7 km): Inauguration – December 3, 2020, Completion – June 30, 2020

Umrey to Sewai Road (6 km): Inauguration – December 17, 2021, Completion – December 30, 2023

Upper Lagharai to Katkot Road (4 km): Inauguration – February 14, Completion – December 13, 2023

Kamar to Mina Road (6.2 km): Inauguration – March 30, Completion – September 2023

Garigal Road (1 km): Inauguration – October 14, 2022, Completion – June 2024

Loi Kharkey to Anga Road (2 km): Inauguration – October 14, 2022, Completion – June 2024

Ghut Road (2 km): Inauguration – October 14, 2022, Completion – June 2024

Kamar to Zagai Road (4.2 km): Inauguration – February 14, Completion – December 13, 2023

Ondsor to Ter Bandgai Road (3 km): Inauguration – January 2020, Completion Date – Unknown

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Ziauddin Khan Mamund, a student at Government Degree College, Khar, has personally experienced the challenges caused by road construction in his village. The 4.2 km road in his village was inaugurated in March last year, but no progress has been made since then. Ziauddin highlights the lack of alternative roads in the village, forcing residents to use the dilapidated road despite its risks. He urges the government to take immediate action, either by completing the road projects or making them passable.

Former MNA Gul Zafar Khan expresses his regret over the lack of funds for these road projects, which has hindered their completion. He had intended to finish these roads within the allocated time, but due to the change in government, the funds were not available.

Contractors, like Ikram Khan from Mamund, are also facing significant challenges. Ikram mentions that he has been working on multiple road projects for over two years without receiving any payment. This has led to severe financial difficulties for him and his team. Despite their efforts to level and prepare the roads, the lack of funds has halted their progress.

Malik Khalid Khan, who contested the election as an independent candidate from PK 20 (formerly PK 102) constituency, emphasizes that the previous representative worsened the problems instead of addressing them. He asserts that the neglected road conditions have brought immense suffering to the people of Tehsil Mamund, especially during the rainy season. Malik emphasizes the urgent need for funds to be released and the roads to be restored.

An anonymous C&W official reveals that funds for these roads have been released to the finance department but have not reached the respective contractors.

The residents of Bajaur Tehsil Mamund are urging the government to address the road issues, despite the mistakes made by the previous government and elected representatives in seeking credit for the road projects.

They are appealing for immediate action and the allocation of emergency funds to alleviate their hardships. The completion of these road projects is vital for enhanced connectivity and alleviating the challenges faced by the local population.

Various stakeholders are actively working to address the road issues in Bajaur Tehsil Mamund. It is hoped that the government and concerned authorities will promptly allocate the necessary funds and expedite the completion of these projects. The timely completion of the road infrastructure will not only address the residents’ concerns but also contribute to the overall development and well-being of the tehsil.

The residents remain optimistic that their pleas will be acknowledged, and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure the timely completion of the road projects. The improvement of road infrastructure is essential for the socio-economic progress and the betterment of the residents’ lives in the region.

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