In the lead-up to the recent elections, fervent preparations unfolded with candidates and their supporters actively engaged in campaigns, transforming the streets with banners, flags, and fervor.

The election day arrived, bringing victories and defeats, as is the norm in any competition. However, the aftermath has taken a concerning turn, with clashes erupting among supporters of rival political parties.

The day after the election, the streets witnessed scenes of turmoil—torn clothes, heated arguments, and, worryingly, even violence. The spark that ignited these conflicts was often a simple taunt about winning or losing. This escalated into physical altercations, even gunfire in some instances.

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The saddening reality is that the younger generation is often at the forefront of these conflicts. It raises a poignant question: Is this the legacy we want for our youth? Fights over political affiliations should not define their aspirations.

It is disheartening to witness the potential of our youth being channeled into these conflicts, which, in the grander scheme, have no impact on political leaders or the parties they represent.

This trend needs to change. Our youth should disengage from these divisive actions, recognizing that these fights only result in loss for the individuals involved. Instead of fighting for political parties, they should focus on constructive efforts for a brighter future.

The time has come for our young generation to abandon these childish and misguided actions, realizing that their energy and enthusiasm can be better channeled toward positive endeavors that truly shape a prosperous tomorrow.