A hearing was convened at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to Public Services Commission in response to a complaint lodged by Nehayat Bibi, a resident of Bajaur district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Nehayat Bibi had submitted a petition to the commission highlighting the disappearance of her brother and the failure of the police to register an FIR.

During the proceedings, Nehayat Bibi was given the opportunity to present her case via a video call. Simultaneously, DSP Badshah Muhammad, SHO, and the investigating officer appeared before the commission. The Commission meticulously examined all pertinent records and conducted a comprehensive hearing, considering the perspectives of both parties.

Nehayat Bibi provided her testimony, revealing that her sister-in-law had been tragically murdered and an FIR had been filed against her brother, the husband of the victim. The woman alleged that the victim’s siblings had abducted her brother. The police presented their records, indicating that the woman and the victim’s father had filed a kidnapping report with the police two days following the incident. However, this report had not been investigated yet.

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The police’s stance was that the Call Detail Record (CDR) indicated that the woman’s brother had not been abducted but was residing in another city.

In response, Judge Muhammad Asim Imam issued directives to the Bajaur Police, instructing them to complete the inquiry within a span of 14 days and to submit the report to the Commission.

In a separate matter, a concerned citizen named Noor Zaman from Swabi approached the Right to Public Services Commission with a grievance. He detailed that he had purchased a 6-marla piece of land from a property dealer for a sum of money. However, despite the ruling of the Dispute Resolution Council (DRC), he has yet to receive the land or the full payment.

According to Noor Zaman, he had received Rs. 1 lakh 64 thousand after the verdict, but he is now demanding additional compensation. He further alleged that officials at the police station are siding with the opposing party in this matter.

Judge Muhammad Asim Imam rendered a judgment stating that the submitted application falls under the purview of civil cases, where the registration of an FIR is not feasible. Consequently, the affected citizen would need to approach the civil court for resolution.

Judge Mohammad Asim Imam underscored that the commission’s current focus is on overseeing essential services. Prompt and unhindered access to these services constitutes the inherent right of every citizen, and the Commission is steadfast in ensuring the realization of these rights. He extended an invitation to residents of the province encountering difficulties in accessing fundamental services to approach the commission for assistance.

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