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In an alarming incident at Dobandu Government Primary School in Upper Dir, three students sustained injuries when a hand-held lever burst. The incident occurred during a school class session when a pen-like object inside a student’s school bag unexpectedly exploded.

School teacher Saleem Khan shared details of the incident, explaining that the explosion took place shortly after the school assembly. During the second class of the nursery session, a minor noise preceded a sudden blast within a student’s school bag. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the bag contained a pen-like object.

As a result of the explosion, three students, namely Basir Ali (son of Khaista Rehman), Obaid Afzal, and Bashir Ali, were injured. They were promptly transported to the district headquarters hospital for medical attention.

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According to Dr. Sahibzada Imtiaz Ahmed, the Medical Superintendent of the District Headquarters Hospital, the injured students were taken to the emergency room. Basir, who suffered severe hand injuries, underwent surgery and was subsequently referred to Peshawar for further treatment due to the extent of his injuries. The other two students sustained minor injuries and are receiving treatment in a local ward.

DPO Apardir Waqar Ahmed reported that after the blast was reported, SHO Dir arrived at the scene with a police contingent. Upon inspection, they found a pen-like material resembling a hand grinder in Basir Ali’s school bag. Preliminary investigations suggest that Basir acquired the object elsewhere and mistakenly brought it to school, believing it to be a toy. The explosion occurred while he was playing with it, injuring the students.

At this stage, the incident does not appear to be related to terrorism. However, ongoing investigations are considering all aspects of the case. It is worth noting that Basir Ali’s father is a financially disadvantaged laborer working as a cook in Sheringal.

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