A female lecturer at the University of Agriculture in Peshawar, Maria Ali, has come forward with serious allegations, claiming that she was unjustly removed from her position as the Assistant Warden of the Girls’ Hostel due to her refusal to comply with illegal orders. The incident has caused a stir on social media after a video of Maria Ali discussing her grievances went viral.

In the video, Maria Ali, whose connection to the former Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) was revealed, highlighted what she considers to be ongoing illegal activities within the university. According to her, individuals with lower qualifications are being hired for positions instead of those with PhDs and scholarly backgrounds, leading to an atmosphere of injustice and nepotism.

Expressing her distress, Maria Ali stated that she has been subjected to mental torture while working at the university. She pointed fingers at a woman named Miss Lala Rukh, accusing her of issuing illegal directives. Whenever Maria asked for such orders in writing, Miss Lala Rukh would deny having given any such instructions.

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Maria Ali further claimed that when she started to defy Miss Lala Rukh’s illegitimate demands, she faced severe mental harassment and was subsequently removed from her post as the Assistant Warden. To her shock, she was replaced by an individual with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Pakistan Studies, despite Maria holding a Ph.D. degree.

Moreover, Maria raised concerns about certain individuals living in the hostel without proper documentation or educational qualifications. She alleged that Miss Lala Rukh was allowing these individuals to reside in different rooms within the hostel, creating an air of suspicion and secrecy.

Seeking justice and support, Maria Ali made an emotional appeal to the Corps Commander Peshawar and the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to intervene and look into the matter.

In response to the allegations, the University of Agriculture, Peshawar released an official statement to address the situation. Dr. Haroon, the appointed Provost at the university, asserted that the allegations made by Maria Ali were entirely baseless and contrary to the facts.

According to the university’s statement, Maria Ali is a current Ph.D. student at the Agricultural University, and she was also offered visiting classes. The university clarified that Maria was temporarily appointed as an Assistant Warden in the girls’ hostel a year ago, and there were no prior complaints against her at that time.

However, the university administration mentioned that Maria Ali had not paid the hostel dues herself and was influencing other students to avoid paying their fees, which ultimately led to her removal from the temporary assistant warden position in October 2022.

The university further stated that Maria had illegally occupied Warden Lodge until last week, and her two sisters, who were not university students, were also living there unlawfully. Despite multiple notices from the administration to vacate the lodge, Maria did not comply, and it eventually resulted in the administration sealing the lodge to enforce the rules.

Regarding the outstanding dues, the university stated that Maria Ali owed approximately 50 thousand rupees to the hostel. The university asserted that all actions taken were within the framework of the institution’s rules and regulations. Moreover, the university expressed disappointment over the release of the video, deeming it unethical and fabricated. The administration believes that the video aimed to tarnish the university’s reputation and cause unnecessary distress to students, parents, and the institution itself.

The incident has sparked debates and discussions on social media, with some supporting Maria Ali’s claims, while others stand by the university’s statements. As the situation unfolds, further investigations and clarifications are expected to shed light on the truth behind the allegations.