A tragic incident unfolded in the Sakhakot area of Malakand, where a mother and her two sons fell victim to a deadly shooting sparked by a heated property dispute. The assailants, who unleashed indiscriminate gunfire, managed to flee the scene, leaving behind a trail of grief and anger.

The unfortunate incident revolved around a longstanding property dispute between two closely related parties. Tensions had been simmering, and matters escalated tragically as the assailant opened fire, resulting in the untimely deaths of the mother and her two sons.

The shockwaves of this heart-wrenching incident prompted the grieving relatives to take a stand, staging a protest by placing the lifeless bodies on the GT Road.

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With the road blocked and the temperature soaring, motorists and passengers faced considerable hardships due to the road closure. In response, local authorities initiated dialogues with the protestors, promising swift action against the perpetrator and vowing to address the underlying issues.

The administration’s commitment to apprehend the culprit and seek justice brought an end to the protest, as the mourners awaited a sense of closure.

It is a grim reminder of a similar tragedy that occurred just days prior when a woman and her three sons met a similar fate due to a dispute over a house in Mardan. The incidents shed light on the pressing need for effective conflict resolution and community support to prevent further loss of life over property disputes.

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