In a decisive move to protect public health, the Food Department Peshawar has apprehended and incarcerated a four-member group involved in the production and distribution of substandard minced meat across various districts.

This action was carried out under the directive of the caretaker provincial minister, Asif Rafiq, and was overseen by the Director of Food, with the vigilant supervision of Rationing Food Controller Peshawar, Jamshed Afridi. Assistant Food Controllers Tasbihullah and Kamal Ahmed, along with SHO Paharipora, joined forces to conduct a targeted raid on a storage facility located in Gulabad.

The operation resulted in the arrest of four individuals who were found actively involved in processing minced meat from chicken bones, beef tongue, head meat, and kidneys. Subsequently, the offenders were promptly incarcerated, and the implicated warehouse was officially sealed.

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During the operation, a substantial haul of illicit produce was confiscated, amounting to six hundred kilograms of adulterated minced meat and four hundred kilograms of questionable meat. It is worth noting that this group had been clandestinely supplying these dubious food products to neighboring districts, including Peshawar, Charsada, Nowshera, and Mardan, often peddling them at exorbitant prices.

Food Department officials underscored the gravity of the situation by citing a report obtained from the Livestock Department, which conclusively affirmed the detrimental health hazards associated with the illicitly produced minced meat.

Caretaker Provincial Minister Asif Rafiq expressed his full approval of the Food Department’s swift response and highlighted the unwavering commitment to upholding hygiene standards.

He emphasized that those who flout these regulations should face stringent consequences. Ensuring that citizens have access to food items at established rates and in accordance with hygiene standards remains the foremost priority of the Food Department, and this commitment will be unwaveringly upheld in all instances.

Furthermore, he directed the Food Department authorities to redouble their efforts in ensuring that food items are consistently supplied to citizens in compliance with established standards and hygiene regulations.