In the Kurram district, fresh clashes have resulted in the deaths of 5 more individuals, bringing the total casualties during the ongoing conflict of the past 9 days to 55.

Intense fighting persists between the Tari Mengal tribe in Upper Kurram and the Piwar, Muqbal, Kunj Alizai, Para Chamkani, and Baghaki tribes. Five additional fatalities occurred in Upper Kurram last night, contributing to the overall death toll of 55, with more than a hundred individuals sustaining injuries. Notably, Salim village in Kunj Alizai was set ablaze last night.

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Local law enforcement reports that the warring tribes are employing heavy weaponry and automatic arms against each other in the clashes. Consequently, transportation routes, educational institutions, internet services, and mobile phone networks have been disrupted in the affected area.

In a positive development, the police disclosed that a ceasefire was brokered between the Sadda and Balish Khel tribes last evening, thanks to the successful intervention of a Jirga. Ongoing efforts by the Jirga, district administration, and security forces aim to secure ceasefires in 8 more areas.