Allah Ta’ala has bestowed upon mankind the esteemed status of being the best among all creatures. As a social animal, man cannot live in isolation, leading to the creation of relationships—a divine blessing.

While guidance on handling this blessing is provided, its successful implementation depends on the individual. Adherence to these principles brings happiness and peace, while neglect results in the anguish of loneliness.

The value of relationships is understood by cultivating sentiments such as prudence, restraint, tolerance, sacrifice, respect, and love. Without these, relationships become fragile, susceptible to breaking over trivial misunderstandings.

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Nida’s story mirrors this fragility. Her four-year relationship with her maternal uncle’s son, Umar, which had the blessings of both families, turned into a tale of shattered dreams. Despite their eagerness to solidify their love in marriage, conflicts and misguided decisions by elders abruptly ended their relationship.

Nida considers this incident the most significant grief and shock of her life. The dream of a life together with Umar, filled with care and love, was unexpectedly left unfulfilled due to the interference of their elders.

The families’ land dispute became the catalyst for the breakup: “We tried hard to save the relationship, but we were told not to defy our parents. Both of us vehemently opposed this decision, but we were compelled, and our pleas went unheard. Umar was equally devastated. How can I forget this cruelty that befell us?”

Only Nida and Umar truly comprehend the pain they endure. The question arises: Why does our society separate two lovers? Whether due to domestic disputes or other issues, why is the love between two hearts sacrificed?

Regardless of the conflict, it should be resolved peacefully, ensuring that the love of the youth is not sacrificed in the name of so-called traditions. When dreams and love are shattered or forcibly taken away, only those who experience the severity of that pain truly understand the lifelong suffering endured by the ones whose dreams are broken or whose love is lost.