Shumaila Afridi

Contrary to common misconceptions in Pakistan and around the world, a significant number of Pakistani women are working alongside men to manage their households. While many believe that women’s rights are being oppressed and they lack freedom and empowerment, evidence shows that Pakistani society is recognizing the importance of educated, skilled, efficient, dignified, and empowered women.

The development of families and societies in today’s era relies on the abilities of women, and they should be given opportunities to change the world for the better.

Saima Afridi, a highly educated and talented woman from the Hassan Khel sub-division in Peshawar, has defied outdated customs and traditions by pursuing her education and skills. Despite societal pressures, Saima pursued higher education after marriage and has completed an MA in Islamiat, Urdu, and M.Ed., B.Ed. She has also completed several handicraft training courses with the teaching department and continuously imparts her knowledge and modern skills to the women in her area.

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Saima is not only a government teacher but also the first tribal woman in her area who teaches beautification, cooking, and applying henna. Recognizing the importance of technical education, Saima started teaching local girls and women handicrafts, sewing, cutting clothes, embroidery, and other skills. She now works as a master trainer with various NGOs in the area.

Saima is not only involved in higher education and skills but also in the health sector. After a child died at birth due to a lack of proper health facilities in her village, Saima took an LHV course from Peshawar and now provides free pregnancy cases in the area.

Despite facing numerous difficulties in her educational journey, Saima persevered and stuck to her goal of helping tribal women. Sadly, she is not receiving the recognition she deserves for her hard work. Although she could have earned a lot by working in the city, Saima chose to enter the practical field for the welfare of tribal women, and her family supported her in this journey.

In conclusion, society and the country need more women like Saima Afridi. The focus should be on providing women with opportunities and encouragement, without any obstacles in their way.

Note: Shamila Afridi is an emerging female journalist, and writes blogs on various topics.

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