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Peshawar: Two individuals have tragically died under mysterious circumstances in the Bazargy area of Buner district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The deceased have been identified as Umarzad Khan and Khair ur Rehman, both residents of Bazargy village within the jurisdiction of Jowar Police Station. Their lifeless bodies were discovered inside a vehicle parked in a garage.

According to the police, a bottle of alcohol was found inside the car, and the vehicle’s air conditioning (AC) was running. It is speculated that the two individuals may have consumed alcohol and subsequently suffocated due to the closed environment with the AC on.

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Following the post-mortem examination, the bodies were handed over to the bereaved families, who then performed the funeral prayers.

Hakeemullah Sial, a close relative of Khair ur Rehman, expressed his grief over the incident. He mentioned that such an occurrence is unprecedented in the Bazargy area of Buner, as alcohol consumption is considered morally wrong according to local customs. The mysterious death of their relative has left the family devastated.

Sial added that Khair ur Rehman had been working as a taxi driver for many years, which was his livelihood, while Umarzad Khan was currently unemployed.

He expressed concerns about the incident, raising questions about the origin of drugs in the area and the perceived failure of the police in preventing their distribution. Sial urged the district administration to take stringent action against drug dealers in Buner to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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