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Nurturing Mental Health: Breaking Stigmas

Parental support plays a significant role in overcoming mental health problems.

by TNN Editor - 17 Jul, 2023 1511

Noor Zia

Most people share problems with me. Maybe I am a good listener, or they trust me to the extent that they unburden their burdened minds in front of me.

While having a conversation with some girls, I came to know that It is not necessary that only lunatics' mental health be damaged. Nowadays, every normal person is abnormal.

Once a young girl told me that every time she feels something strange like while sitting in the room, she feels that there are clouds that move and produce horrible sounds. Another young girl said that when she is a little unhappy, she yells and hurts her face with her nails.

Besides that, another one said that she does not want to come out of bed. Also, she likes having no one in her room. Every time, she wants to be alone. I advised them to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. Surprisingly, they said that they can't do it because people would then call them lunatics.

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While there has been much advancement in every field, we are still living in the dark ages. where an individual refuses to consult a psychologist only for the sake that people will call him or her a lunatic. And then the news will spread, which will cause trouble in many aspects of their lives.

Mental health is the psychological and emotional part of human health. Mental wellness, or good mental health, is a feeling that makes you interact with the outside world properly. It is just as important as physical health because it determines how we control ourselves during stress and our relationships with others. But today, people take it for granted. They do not pay attention to their mental health until it is completely destroyed.

There are many factors that affect our mental health. e.g., family issues, outside environments, societal expectations, parental expectations, financial instability, residential instability, etc. Suppressing and repressing all the emotions that arise due to the above-mentioned issues results in mental disorders.

Mental health problem is an existing problem in society. When our minds are unstable, our bodies are not able to work properly, both physically and mentally. While being physically and emotionally fit is the key to success in every aspect of life. Mental health problems can be challenging because they require the active involvement of the patient. And at that time, patients are not able to easily engage themselves in the treatment.

However, it is not impossible to overcome. Parental support plays a significant role in overcoming mental health problems. Apart from psychologists, parents should engage their children in healthy activities such as positive self-talk, relaxation techniques, and other creative works, e.g., painting and writing.