Interpol arrests key accursed in Charsadda triple murder case in Malaysia

Swabi district police have successfully apprehended a gang responsible for sending threatening letters and demanding extortion from households in the area. District Police Officer Najam ul Hasan confirmed the arrest of the gang members.

During the operation, the police also recovered a substantial amount of 3 million rupees from the arrested gang, consisting of six individuals. The concerned families had reported the incidents to the Kalu Khan police, leading to the registration of a case.

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Earlier, 18 families in Swabi’s Dagai village had received threatening letters, urging them to transfer money and keep it readily available for collection. The letters explicitly warned of dire consequences if the demands were not met, including death threats for failing to withdraw money from banks and store gold at home.

Upon receiving the reports from the affected families, the Kalu Khan police swiftly took action, registering a case and launching an investigation that resulted in the successful arrest of the gang members involved in this criminal activity.

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