In a tragic incident fueled by longstanding enmity, two lives were lost in Peshawar as two rival groups engaged in a deadly exchange of gunfire.

According to SP Saddar Division Abdul Salam Khalid, the clash occurred in the Bazid Khel limits of Badaber police station, where previous killings and animosity escalated into a fatal confrontation.

The casualties included Muhammad Afzal, who fell victim to firing from one group, and Naveed from the opposing side. The roots of the clash trace back to a recent incident where Naveed’s group had previously injured their adversary, Khan Afzal, in a gunfire attack.

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The simmering tensions erupted once again, leading to today’s face-to-face encounter, resulting in the tragic demise of two individuals from both factions.

Injured during the confrontation, Khan Afzal has been apprehended by the authorities. Notably, Khan Afzal carries a notorious reputation, being wanted by the police in numerous cases, including murder, attempted murder, robbery, and assassination. He is regarded as a source of fear in the area.

This incident follows a recent exchange of fire in the Scheme Chowk area, where three people lost their lives and three others sustained injuries. The altercation, stemming from a verbal dispute, occurred in the jurisdiction of the Badaber police station.

Asghar and Tahir, sons of Haroon, Kashif, son of Anwar Sher, and Khalid, son of Khadim Hussain, succumbed to their injuries on the way to the hospital, adding to the grim toll of the ongoing violence in the area.