In a significant move to deepen their longstanding partnership, Dr. Kazim Niaz, Secretary for Economic Affairs in Pakistan, and Mr. Alfred Grannas, German Ambassador to Pakistan, presided over the signing ceremony of €45 million agreements for Technical Development Cooperation. These collaborative initiatives mark a new chapter in the diplomatic ties between the two nations.

The recently initiated projects align closely with Germany’s development cooperation focus areas, including Climate and energy, just transition; Sustainable economic development, training, and employment; Health, social protection, and population policy. This reflects a commitment to addressing global challenges, such as climate change while promoting inclusivity for vulnerable groups like women and youth.

Emphasizing the holistic approach of ongoing and new projects, both parties underscored the importance of building synergies to provide comprehensive solutions. These endeavors aim to effectively tackle complex issues on a global scale, showcasing the commitment to a sustainable and inclusive future.

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Ambassador Alfred Grannas expressed his optimism about the impact of German-Pakistani development cooperation on the country. He stated, “With the agreement we signed today, we aim to continue our joint path towards a sustainable future in Pakistan.” Quoting German Minister Svenja Schulze, he highlighted that international cooperation benefits both nations, as global problems can only be solved collaboratively.

Dr. Kazim Niaz, Secretary for Economic Affairs, acknowledged the robust support received in technical development cooperation, emphasizing its role in contributing to the socio-economic development of the country. He stated, “We deeply appreciate the strong support that we have received on technical development cooperation. It would contribute to plugging some gaps in contributing to the Socio-economic development of the country.”

This renewed commitment underlines Germany’s sustained support for Pakistani Government initiatives over the past 60 years. The collaboration focuses on advancing socio-economic reforms, aligning with Pakistan’s development goals and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The multifaceted cooperation spans core areas such as ‘Climate and energy, just transition,’ ‘Sustainable economic development, training and employment,’ and ‘Health, social protection and population policy.’ The agreement signifies a shared dedication to fostering a resilient and crisis-proof development trajectory.