The Election Commission has recently disclosed voter data spanning from 2018 to 2023, revealing a substantial increase in the number of registered voters across the nation.

In 2018, Pakistan had approximately 10.6 crore (106.6 million) registered voters, whereas the latest data for 2023 indicates a surge to 12.7 crore (127 million) registered voters.

Specifically focusing on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), the province has witnessed a notable rise in its voter count. In 2018, KP had 1.53 crore (15.3 million) registered voters, which has now escalated to 2.16 crore (21.6 million) voters in 2023.

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Breaking down the data by gender, Pakistan had 5.92 crore (59.2 million) male voters and 4.67 crore (46.7 million) female voters in 2018. As of 2023, the number of male voters has reached 6.85 crore (68.5 million), while female voters stand at 5.84 crore (58.4 million).

In KP, male voters in 2018 numbered 87 lakh (8.7 million), with female voters totaling 66 lakh (6.6 million). In 2023, KP boasts 1.18 crore (11.8 million) male voters and 98 lakh (9.8 million) female voters.

Further analysis reveals the following age groups among voters nationwide:

Voters aged 18 to 35: 57.95 lakh (5.79 million)

Voters aged 36 to 45: 2.77 crore (27.7 million)

Voters aged 46 to 55: 1.81 crore (18.1 million)

Voters aged 56 to 65: 1.18 crore (11.8 million)

Voters aged above 66: 1.20 crore (12 million)

These statistics illustrate the evolving landscape of Pakistan’s voter demographics, reflecting significant growth over the years.

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