Rafiullah Khan

In a recent development, Mingora police in Swat apprehended the renowned Pashto actor, Muhammad Hussain, famously known as Swati.

During a routine patrol, the police discovered 11 grams of methamphetamine (commonly known as ice) and a pistol in the possession of Muhammad Hussain in Mohalla Siddiqabad.

According to Mingora Police, the actor is now in custody and faces charges related to the possession of illegal drugs and firearms. He is expected to appear in court to address these charges.

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The news of Muhammad Hussain Swati’s arrest has left his devoted fans disheartened. Asif Nawab, one of his fans, expressed his admiration for the actor’s work but conveyed his sadness upon learning of his arrest due to involvement with drugs.

Nawab emphasized that fans appreciate an actor’s talent but do not support their negative activities, emphasizing the importance of enforcing the law.

Muhammad Hussain Swati is renowned for portraying villainous roles in Pashto dramas and films, amassing a large fan base throughout his career.