Haroon ur Rashid

The minority community in Peshawar came together to organize a significant event called the “Takreem-e-Quran-e-Kareem” rally. Notably, this rally witnessed the participation of Muslim leaders alongside individuals from the Hindu, Sikh, Bahai, and Christian communities, symbolizing unity and religious harmony.

The rally commenced at Guru Gorakh Mandir and proceeded towards its destination, Jamia Masjid Gathri. With great reverence, the participants honored the Holy Quran by sprinkling flowers upon it. Furthermore, gifts were exchanged among the leaders representing different religions, signifying mutual respect and solidarity.

Several esteemed figures were present, including Hussain Ahmed Madani, Maqsood Ahmed, Mufti Jameel, Dr. Muhammad Jahanzeb (a prominent minority social worker), Anil Masih, Dr. Sahib Singh, and Haroon Sarab Dayal, a learned scholar of Hinduism. These individuals represented the Muslim community during the rally.

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The overarching message of the event was to convey to the world that the Holy Quran, as the divine book of Allah, deserves equal veneration from followers of all religions. By organizing this rally from the temple to the mosque, the participants aimed to reinstate and preserve this shared respect.

In addition, they expressed their unwavering determination to thwart any conspiracies that promote bloodshed, religious intolerance, or the desecration of holy texts. The minority community of Pakistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa vowed to uphold the principles of brotherhood and harmony.

They extended heartfelt appreciation to Pakistan’s forces, security agencies, Muslim and non-Muslim leaders, scholars, politicians, lawyers, media, and civil society for their united efforts in safeguarding their land from potential large-scale violence. The participants strongly condemned the desecration of the Holy Quran that occurred in Sweden.

As the rally concluded, a resolution was passed, urging an in-depth review of international law and emphasizing the need for the United Nations Security Council to effectively implement the laws enacted by the General Assembly.

Moreover, the resolution called upon the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to actively promote religious harmony, emphasizing the significance of collaboration and understanding among followers of diverse faiths.

The “Takreem-e-Quran-e-Kareem” rally served as a powerful testament to the unity and shared values among different religious communities, reflecting the spirit of tolerance and respect that thrives within Peshawar’s minority community.

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