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Protests Follow Tragic Shooting of Student by Swat Police Officer

The accused officer has appeared before the court and is now in custody, pending further investigation.

by TNN Editor - 17 May, 2023 1526

Rafiullah Khan

Five-year-old Ayesha, a student from Swat, tragically lost her life in an unfortunate incident involving a police officer. Today, Ayesha was cremated at a funeral attended by a large number of people, including senior police officials.

The incident took place at Sangota Public School, Swat's first and only missionary school established in 1965. During the incident, a police officer named Muhammad Alam, who was on duty, fired shots, resulting in the death of a female student and injuries to six others. The injured students, Ruma Hussain, Naheed, Arisha, Hourain Wajiha, Aishal, and Hareem, are currently receiving treatment at Saidu Sharif Hospital.

Following the incident, the accused police officer was promptly apprehended, along with the weapon used, and is now under investigation. Swat's District Police Officer, Shafiullah Gandapur, stated that the officer responsible for this heinous act will face justice.

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Police sources suggest that the shooting by the officer was accidental, although reports have also emerged indicating that the officer may have been mentally ill.

According to reports, the implicated police officer joined the Special Police Force in 2007 and was subsequently incorporated into the regular police force. Additionally, he inexplicably fired shots at his own father previously.

According to the family of the accused officer, he has been dealing with mental illness and had discontinued treatment in the past month. They emphasize the need to avoid attributing the incident to religious or other forms of hatred.

Shamshir Khan, a social activist working on religious harmony and intolerance in Swat, highlights the importance of not jumping to conclusions regarding the motive behind the incident. He calls for a collective effort as a nation to foster a harmonious society and prevent such unfortunate occurrences in the future, particularly given the prevailing inflation and unrest in the country.

The accused officer has appeared before the court and is now in custody, pending further investigation. His mental evaluation has also been conducted, and the findings will be shared with the media.

Residents of Swat express their concerns, stating that schools should be safe places for children and that when those entrusted with their security become perpetrators, it erodes faith in state institutions.

In response to the incident, a protest demonstration organized by the Mutwarizi Qaumi Jirga will take place in Tehsil Charbagh, Swat, with participation from people of all faiths. Additionally, the Swat Bar Association has announced a protest and decided not to appear in court today.

This incident has sparked anger and concern among the people of Swat, and many have taken to social media to express their opinions.

Some individuals voice skepticism, noting that previous incidents in Swat have been attributed to accidents, raising doubts about the official narratives. They emphasize the importance of a thorough police investigation and mental examination of the accused to uncover the truth.