Syed Nadeem Mashwani

In a heartwarming moment, a baby was born in the Nowshera Azakhel Afghan Refugee Evacuation Camp, and the proud parents named him “Watan Rawan Khan,” signifying his homeland journey. The name “Watan” represents ‘homeland,’ while “Rawan” translates to ‘going’—a poignant choice for their return to their homeland.

Hijrat Ali, aged 41, shared the story of his family’s voluntary relocation from Punjab to Afghanistan as they gathered tokens at the Nowshera Azakhil Volunteer Refugee Center. During their journey, his wife Jannat fell ill, compelling them to make an unexpected stop in Nowshera.

Recalling the experience, Hijrat Ali described how they left their truck in Azakhel and rushed to Peshawar when his wife’s condition worsened. It was in a private hospital in Peshawar that their son came into the world. The child’s name, “Watan Rawan Khan,” carries a deep significance as a symbol of their return to their homeland.

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Hijrat Ali emphasized that his own life’s journey mirrored this naming tradition. Born in Peshawar when his parents migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistan 41 years ago, he was named “Hijrat Ali,” with “Hijrat” signifying migration.

For the family, this new chapter in their lives is marked by a profound sense of gratitude and love for Pakistan and its people, who have left an indelible mark on their hearts with countless cherished memories.

It’s important to note that the deadline for illegally residing foreigners to leave Pakistan expired on November 1. Official sources confirm that Afghan citizens residing illegally are being permitted to return to Afghanistan through the Torkham border, following registration at the Khyber Landi Kotal entry point camp.