In the Khawajaabad area of Swat, a harrowing incident occurred as a husband fatally shot his wife, leaving three others injured, including her sister-in-law.

Swat Police reports indicate that the husband, Wajid, fired the shots during a domestic dispute in Khawajaabad, a suburb of Mingora. The injured, including the sister-in-law, were swiftly transported to Saidu Sharif Hospital for urgent medical attention.

Niaz, an official from Mingora police, revealed that the tragic incident unfolded during a domestic dispute between the husband and wife. In the morning, Wajid brought his wife to his in-laws’ place, where the fatal shooting occurred.

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Following the incident, Mingora Police took prompt action, apprehending Wajid for the murder. The investigation is ongoing, with further legal proceedings expected once the necessary documentation is received.

This distressing event echoes a similar tragedy that took place a few weeks ago in Banr, where a husband shot and killed his wife amidst a domestic dispute. The heart-wrenching image of the deceased lying on the ground, with her innocent son beside her, went viral on social media. Banr police acted swiftly, arresting the accused and subsequently placing him in custody.