Muhammad Salman

On the 16th of July, tragedy struck the family of Khan Gul, a resident of Kakshal area in Peshawar. He received an unfortunate call from his elder son, Allah Rakha, who was unable to deliver the heart-wrenching news that his younger brother, Mohammad Hayat, had drowned in Swabi.

Initially disbelieving the news, Khan Gul questioned how Hayat had ended up in Swabi when he had left the house for Hayatabad Bagh e Naran. Later, a local person took the phone from Allah Rakha and confirmed the tragic incident, leaving the family in grief.

Upon receiving the information, Khan Gul and his relatives rushed to Swabi in the evening, and they tirelessly searched for Hayat Muhammad’s body throughout the night. The following morning, after Fajr’s prayer, Rescue 1122 finally found his lifeless body.

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On that fateful Sunday, both 26-year-old Muhammad Hayat and 31-year-old Abdul Hafeez, also from Peshawar, had drowned in Swabi’s canal.

According to Khan Gul, his son Hayat and Abdul Hafeez were close friends. They had visited Khan Gul’s house on that day, had a meal together, and expressed their intention to go to Hayatabad Bagh e Naran. Though initially refusing to join them, Allah Rakha decided to accompany them on their motorcycle journey.

However, their plans changed when they reached Ring Road, and they headed towards Swabi instead. Tragically, they never returned home that night, leaving the family anxiously waiting for their return.

Khan Gul expressed his gratitude towards Swabi Rescue and the local community for their assistance in finding the bodies of both young men, providing some solace amidst their overwhelming grief.

Tale of the Tragic Drowning Incident

Muhammad Hayat’s brother, Allah Rakha, recounts the heart-wrenching details of how the unfortunate incident unfolded. He revealed that upon reaching Swabi, the two friends found themselves near the canal’s bank. Neither of them knew how to swim, nor did they have any intention of taking a dip in the water. Curiously, Allah Rakha decided to take a picture of both of them.

However, fate took a tragic turn when Abdul Hafeez slipped and fell into the canal. Desperately trying to save himself, he instinctively held onto Muhammad Hayat’s shalwar, inadvertently pulling him into the water as well. Both of them tragically drowned.

Allah Rakha emphasized that there were only three of them present, with no one else around. The village was at a distance, leaving them isolated at the time of the incident. In a desperate attempt to rescue his friends, he even contemplated jumping into the canal, but the local people intervened, warning him that survival was nearly impossible once a person fell into those waters, as death would occur within four to five minutes.

Grieving Fathers Speak Amidst Tragic Loss

Abdul Jabbar, the father of Abdul Hafeez, expressed the profound sorrow and pain his family is enduring. Having lost two sons in the past, he now faces the devastating news of Abdul Hafeez’s untimely departure. The news came to light when Muhammad Hayat’s elder brother, Allah Rakha, reached out to Abdul Sattar, Abdul Hafeez’s brother, and narrated the tragic incident.

Abdul Jabbar conveyed that the family is still in a state of shock and disbelief over Abdul Hafeez’s sudden demise. Nonetheless, he expressed gratitude to Allah that the bodies of both young men were recovered swiftly. Often, similar incidents witness prolonged searches, leaving families in anguish for months.

Abdul Jabbar shared a heartrending account of a neighbor’s relative who drowned in the Munda Canal, and even after seven days, the body remains undiscovered.

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