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Unveiling the Realities of Cosmetic Surgery

Much like in other parts of the world, the inclination towards cosmetic surgery is on the rise in Pakistan.
by TNN Editor - 26 Aug, 2023 1665

Naheed Jehangir

In the past, beauty parlors were sought after for facials, makeup application, plucking, and threading, and people relied on various creams and treatments to achieve lighter complexions. However, with the advancement of medical science, the landscape of beauty care has transformed dramatically. The conventional beauty tips have now been overshadowed by the realm of cosmetic plastic surgery.

Much like in other parts of the world, the inclination towards cosmetic surgery is on the rise in Pakistan. Unfortunately, this surge has led to instances where individuals are left with results that are contrary to their expectations. While cosmetic surgery was initially popular mainly within the realm of showbiz, it has now extended its reach to the general public, who sometimes resort to unnecessary procedures in the pursuit of enhancing their appearance.

From Hollywood to Bollywood, and even in our own Lollywood, a considerable number of stars have undergone cosmetic surgery. However, the trend has taken a new turn as it becomes increasingly common among everyday individuals seeking facial alterations. Regrettably, there are cases where the pursuit of beauty has yielded outcomes that deviate from the intended aesthetic.

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Numerous Pakistani actors have chosen to undergo cosmetic surgery in an effort to achieve significant transformations. Notable figures such as Fawad Khan, Nadia Hussain, Sadia Imam, Ayesha Khan, Mishi Khan, Mehwish Hayat, and Nida Yasir, among others, have openly embraced these procedures.

Currently, Naimal Khawar, the spouse of Pakistani drama actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, has become a topic of discussion due to her recent cosmetic surgery. Sharing new pictures on her social media, she appears distinctly different from her previous appearance. However, the comment section has been filled with critiques, with many asserting that Naimal's recent procedures have altered her face in an unfavorable manner.

Understanding Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

In the realm of cosmetic plastic surgery, Plastic Surgeon Assistant Professor Riaz Ahmad Afridi from Lady Reading Hospital sheds light on the intricacies. He clarifies that the term "plastic" is rooted in the Greek word "plastico," signifying the act of bending, molding, or reshaping. Some individuals erroneously associate "plastic" with a material, assuming that some form of chemical plastic substance is utilized in this type of surgery. This notion, however, is incorrect.

Exploring the domain of cosmetic surgery, Riaz Ahmad elucidates that in the past, surgical interventions were predominantly sought after for reconstructing organs damaged due to accidents, such as congenital jaw or palate issues, as well as repairing burnt skin. These essential restorative surgeries continue to be performed. However, contemporary times have witnessed a shift, extending beyond showbiz personalities to encompass transsexual individuals and ordinary citizens who are increasingly opting for cosmetic surgery. Their goal is to transform their features and enhance their allure.

He expounds on the treatment modalities, distinguishing between surgical and non-surgical approaches. Surgical treatments are employed when alterations require structural changes. For instance, if the nose is misaligned, corrective surgery is conducted. Similarly, procedures like lip augmentation involve enlarging or shaping the lips. Baldness or hair thinning concerns are addressed through hair transplants. Wrinkles are treated using Botox injections. Additionally, there are comprehensive surgical procedures that culminate in a complete transformation of facial features. These interventions are meticulously tailored to match the patient's desired outcome, effectively reshaping their appearance.

Exploring Cosmetic Surgery Categories

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Under this category, a range of cosmetic procedures is available, aimed at enhancing facial aesthetics. These include:

Botox Injections for Wrinkles: Utilized to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Cheek Lifts: A procedure to lift and rejuvenate the cheeks.

Chin Surgery: Enhances the chin's appearance and harmony with other facial features.

Eyelid Surgery: Also known as blepharoplasty, it addresses sagging eyelids and improves the eye area's overall appearance.

Face Lifts: A comprehensive procedure to tighten and rejuvenate facial skin, often addressing signs of aging.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Enhancing the appearance of teeth through procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, and more.

Facial Fillers: These injections restore volume to the face, reducing wrinkles and enhancing facial contours.

Laser Facial Hair Removal: A non-invasive technique to remove unwanted facial hair.

Nose and Ear Surgery: Refers to procedures like rhinoplasty (nose job) and otoplasty (ear surgery) to reshape and enhance these features.

Removal of Facial Spots: Addressing skin concerns like moles, freckles, and other pigmented spots.

Body Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

This category encompasses cosmetic procedures targeting various aspects of the body's appearance. The procedures include:

Tummy Tucks: Also known as abdominoplasty, this procedure tightens and contours the abdominal area.

Eyebrow Reshaping or Eyelash Extensions: Techniques to enhance the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Arm Lift: Also referred to as brachioplasty, this procedure addresses sagging skin on the arms.

Breast Augmentation Surgery: Involves enhancing breast size using implants.

Breast Lift or Reduction Surgery: Addresses sagging breasts and reduces breast size if desired.

Thigh Lift: Addresses excess skin and tissue on the thighs, often due to weight loss or aging.

These surgical interventions offer individuals the opportunity to enhance their physical appearance in alignment with their desired goals and self-perception.

Potential Drawbacks of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Riaz Ahmed emphasizes the importance of entrusting qualified professionals with cosmetic surgical procedures. He underscores the need for comprehensive pre-surgery assessments conducted by degree-holding medical practitioners. While cosmetic surgery endeavors to enhance appearances, it's crucial to acknowledge that like any surgical procedure, it carries inherent disadvantages.

Dr. Riaz Ahmed warns against the pursuit of cosmetic surgery solely for aesthetic purposes, particularly when individuals seek alteration rather than addressing an accidental or congenital concern. Such endeavors can lead to unintended facial disfigurement if not approached with caution.

In today's landscape, the popularity of cosmetic surgery has inadvertently fostered the emergence of uncertified practitioners preying on unsuspecting individuals. Dr. Ahmed points out that people sometimes hastily opt for surgeries without assessing the competence or potential hazards associated with the procedure. Those with underlying health conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, or a smoking habit, face heightened surgical risks and possible complications. The importance of proper anesthesia administration cannot be overstated, as negligence in this realm can result in complications.

Dr. Ahmed further elucidates that when it comes to altering facial features, the transformation must align with the surgeon's expertise and the patient's preferences. Adjusting to the new appearance is a process that demands time and patience. Equally important is the caution against pursuing unnecessary and repetitive surgeries, as these can amplify the risk of complications. In essence, informed decision-making, thorough medical evaluation, and collaboration with certified professionals are pivotal in navigating the world of cosmetic surgery.