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Youth Brain Drain: A Growing Concern for Pakistan

Unleashing the power of youth is crucial in today's world. It's disheartening to witness a significant portion of the youth seeking better opportunities abroad due to discouragement.
by TNN Editor - 13 Sep, 2023 1612

Seema Sabah

Unleashing the power of youth is crucial in today's world. It's disheartening to witness a significant portion of the youth seeking better opportunities abroad due to discouragement.

The youth of a nation plays a pivotal role in shaping its future. The progress and development of a nation truly hinge on the ideas, skills, energy, and passion of the new generation. They hold the key to shaping a brighter future or instigating positive change. A nation cannot achieve prosperity without enthusiastic, determined, and innovative youth.

The youth of a nation wields the power to elevate it to great heights or bring it down. They hold the destiny of the nation in their hands. It becomes alarming when a large number of young people migrate abroad in search of better opportunities, leading to a brain drain that adversely impacts the country's economy and progress.

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Pakistan currently faces a similar situation. Inflation is cited as a primary factor driving youth migration, creating a scenario where the cost of living soars, and basic necessities become unaffordable. This burden disproportionately falls on the shoulders of the youth, hindering their ability to contribute to the nation's future. An unsafe environment and government instability further exacerbate the issue, particularly affecting vulnerable youth who may hesitate to pursue their dreams in such conditions.

According to the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment, a staggering 765,000 young people from Pakistan ventured abroad this year, including over 92,000 graduates, 350,000 trained workers, and an equal number of untrained laborers. Approximately 736,000 individuals sought opportunities in Gulf states, spanning various professions, from engineers and doctors to teachers, nurses, and technicians. Moreover, a significant number of untrained and uneducated drivers also joined the exodus.

Brain Drain represents a substantial loss for any nation, depriving it of valuable skills, knowledge, and innovation when talented individuals seek better opportunities overseas. Life abroad isn't without its challenges, but the potential rewards and opportunities often outweigh the hardships for many young people. Being far from loved ones and family is difficult, as having close relatives nearby offers moral support during challenging times. The decision to migrate is a tough one, often made in pursuit of a better future for one's family.

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While the overseas Pakistani community plays a vital role in boosting the nation's economy, there remains an urgent need to provide better opportunities for the country's youth. Prioritizing the provision of good opportunities within the nation is essential. By recognizing their skills, potential, and hard work, we can empower them to contribute to our nation's progress and development.

Government authorities must take this matter seriously and implement immediate measures to discourage youth migration. Achieving this goal entails providing similar or alternative opportunities within the country to retain their talent and contribute to national progress. The youth is a valuable asset to any nation, and their retention is paramount.

Investing in their skills, offering opportunities, and creating an enabling environment for their growth and contribution are key steps toward building a brighter future together.