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A Heartbreaking Tale of Unemployment and Injustice in Pakistan

The narrator of this story recounted an incident that occurred four years ago during a CSS interview.
by TNN Editor - 19 May, 2023 1601


A few days ago, a story started making rounds on social media that left me deeply affected. It shed light on the harsh reality of what is happening in our country. Allow me to share this poignant story with you, in hopes that it will open our eyes to the challenges faced by countless individuals.

The narrator of this story recounted an incident that occurred four years ago during a CSS interview. Among the interviewees was a young man who astounded the panel with his exceptional answers to all forty questions. Impressed by his abilities, the narrator and their colleagues decided that the boy deserved the top spot on the list of successful candidates.

As the young man was leaving after the interview, he expressed his belief that he would not be selected. He explained that those who secured recommendations were the ones destined to be chosen, and their names had likely already reached the minister's desk. Sadly, the young man's intuition proved correct. Upon catching sight of the list, the minister promptly tore it up, displaying a complete lack of empathy for deserving candidates.

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Fast forward four years, a newspaper reported a confrontation between terrorists and the army, resulting in the elimination of five terrorists. Among the images accompanying the report, the storyteller noticed that one of the terrorists happened to be the same young man who had excelled in the CSS interview.

This deeply troubling incident highlights the plight of qualified individuals in our country who find themselves trapped in unemployment. It begs the question: has humanity become so callous and indifferent? As Muslims, why do we exhibit such insensitivity towards our fellow Muslims? Why do we reject competent individuals who excel in interviews, solely because they lack substantial amounts of money to bribe their way in? Can a country truly progress when its youth are left unemployed?

Unemployment is not merely a personal struggle; it is a poison that permeates society as a whole. Rising unemployment levels breed discontent and contribute to various social unrests. The younger generation, burdened with lofty degrees, is left sweeping office floors, their potential wasted. They tirelessly attend interviews, only to face rejection after rejection, knowing that the job will ultimately be handed to someone with connections or bribes. This soaring unemployment acts as a termite, slowly eroding the hopes and aspirations of the youth.

In Pakistan, approximately 1.5 million educated young individuals join the job market each year, eagerly seeking employment. However, both public and private institutions lack the integrity to provide them with jobs based on merit. Across the world, the youth are considered a valuable asset, representing the future of their nations. Yet, why do we neglect to prioritize their well-being and the nation's future?

We must also consider the parents of these unemployed educated youth. They have invested their hard-earned savings in their children's education, hoping for support in their old age. Regrettably, these hopes are often shattered.

The consequences of escalating unemployment are dire. Many young individuals are driven to suicide, while others fall victim to the clutches of drug addiction, destroying their lives. Witnessing such a bleak employment landscape, our young generation has lost faith in education. Highly educated individuals are compelled to seek opportunities abroad, leaving their homeland in search of a brighter future.

It is imperative that we address the pressing issue of unemployment in our country. The government bears the responsibility of providing jobs and employment opportunities. Whether in private or public institutions, these young individuals should be hired based on merit, not on recommendations or bribes. Only then can we hope to eradicate unemployment and set our country on the path to development.

Note: The blogger, Raynaz, is a teacher and exam controller at KIPS College Mardan. She also passionately blogs about gender and social issues.