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Chowk Bazaar: Peshawar's Vibrant Women's Market

by Rani Andaleeb - 06 Apr, 2024 1739

Nestled between Wazir Bagh and Kohat Road in Peshawar lies a bustling local bazaar known as Chowk Bazaar, where shopkeepers are predominantly men, but the clientele is exclusively women. This market, affectionately dubbed the women's market, offers all the essential items catering to women's needs.

For many women, shopping is an indispensable part of life. However, cultural norms often restrict them from venturing into larger markets. Chowk Bazaar serves as a convenient solution, allowing women to fulfill their shopping needs in a safe and welcoming environment.

Initially comprising only a few shops, the market has expanded, with locals and visitors alike flocking to its vibrant atmosphere.

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With Eid festivities on the horizon, the market witnesses a surge in activity, bustling with women shoppers well into the night, sometimes until 1 am. Unlike the city's larger bazaars that close early due to security concerns, Chowk Bazaar remains open, providing a haven for nocturnal shopping excursions.

Amina Bibi, a resident of Chowk Bazaar, attests to the market's convenience, especially as her husband and children are occupied with work and school. She praises the market's vendors for their reliability and flexibility, often accommodating her requests for home deliveries and extending credit when needed.

Majar Mama, a longtime cosmetics shop owner, shares his success story, having found greater prosperity in his shop than abroad. Encouraged by his success, he has expanded his business, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit thriving in Chowk Bazaar.

Sonia, another patron of Chowk Bazaar, highlights its unique benefits, including the absence of rental charges and the sense of security it offers amidst prevailing security concerns. She recounts an instance where she took guests for a late-night shopping spree, marveling at the market's vibrancy even in the wee hours.

Chowk Bazaar continues to serve as a beacon of convenience and safety for women shoppers, providing a unique shopping experience that transcends traditional market norms.