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Combating Illegal Migration: A Global Responsibility

Collaboration among relevant institutions is crucial to combat this issue effectively.
by TNN Editor - 17 Jun, 2023 1601

Khalida Niaz

In recent news, the Greece boat accident has brought attention to the alarming number of young lives lost during illegal journeys in search of a better future. How many young people have perished in rivers, their dreams of a brighter future snuffed out? How many mothers and elderly parents have lost their only support? Illegal travel continues to rise, despite the devastating toll it takes on human lives.

Reports indicate that the boat accident in Greece has claimed the lives of 79 people so far, with over a hundred migrants rescued. Among the survivors are 12 Pakistanis. However, many more individuals, including Pakistanis, are still missing. The question arises: why do young people risk their lives attempting to enter Europe illegally? The answer lies in their quest for a better future, but they fail to comprehend the fatal consequences of these perilous journeys.

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This tragedy is not an isolated incident. Countless lives have been lost in previous attempts to reach Europe. Instead of investing in their own country and exploring opportunities, many young individuals choose the risky path of illegal migration. They place their trust in unscrupulous agents, unaware of the hardships and dangers that await them. These young people could have contributed to their own nation's growth and development, but their potential is tragically cut short.

The socio-economic challenges within the country exacerbate the situation. Inflation has soared, burdening the middle class and the poor. People struggle to afford basic necessities, and employment opportunities are scarce. The prevalence of nepotism and corruption further diminishes the prospects for the youth. Frustration and disillusionment drive them towards desperate measures, including illegal migration.

Addressing illegal migration requires a collective effort from all stakeholders. While the government holds responsibility, parents, agents, and facilitators are also complicit. The individuals involved in this illegal business prioritize profits over lives, leaving vulnerable youth stranded and exposed to various risks. Collaboration among relevant institutions is crucial to combat this issue effectively.

It is essential to emphasize that legal pathways to Europe exist, although they may require more time and resources. While the allure of a vibrant European life may captivate the youth, it is vital to educate them about the hardships and dangers associated with illegal migration. Patience, perseverance, and investment in their own country can lead to a better future without the risks and uncertainties of illegal journeys.

Putting an end to illegal migration necessitates a global effort. Governments must create job opportunities and provide support systems. Parents must guide their children towards legal means and encourage them to invest in their homeland. Institutions involved in the migration business must prioritize human lives over monetary gain. Additionally, a fair distribution of wealth and resources can contribute to curbing illegal migration.

The loss of young lives during illegal migration is a tragic reality that demands urgent attention. By addressing socioeconomic challenges, providing legal avenues, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, we can begin to prevent these heartbreaking incidents. Let us unite to create a safer and brighter future for the youth, sparing families from the devastating pain of loss.