Two young sisters tragically lost their lives in South Waziristan’s Tunda Dara area as an explosive device detonated, causing a devastating explosion.

Upon arrival at the scene, it was discovered that the daughters of a local resident named Jinan Khan had suffered grave injuries. Despite immediate efforts by the locals to transport them for medical help, the sisters sadly succumbed to their wounds.

The girls, aged approximately 8 and 15 years old, were immediately attended to by concerned locals who sought to transport them to a hospital for urgent medical assistance. Sadly, despite their best efforts, the injuries proved fatal, and both sisters tragically succumbed to their wounds.

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Jinan Khan, the girls’ father, is a shepherd and engages in livestock-related activities, according to local sources.

It is important to note that a day prior to this incident, another bomb blast occurred in South Waziristan, resulting in the loss of two lives and leaving three individuals injured. The deceased have been identified as Malik Dawood and Khun Jan, while the injured parties are Abid, Junaid, and Shahid, as confirmed by the police.

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