Rubi Khan, a resilient member of the transgender community from Mardan, shares the pain of being scorned for her identity. Despite being born into a distinguished family with connections to Imam Bukhari, the author of Sahih Bukhari, she faced rejection due to societal prejudices against transgenders.

Rubi’s family initially celebrated her birth, but as her feminine characteristics emerged, societal norms took a toll. Despite her family’s efforts to lead a conventional life, Rubi’s natural femininity persisted. Her departure from home, seeking refuge in a transgender dera in Charsada, marked her journey to self-acceptance.

Reflecting on her ten years at the dera, Rubi exposes the dark side of society where dignitaries transform into menacing figures at night. Despite the challenges, she has found purpose, working with ‘Jazba’ and founding the ‘Manzil Foundation’ to advocate for transgender rights globally.

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Rubi’s organizations have made significant strides, easing the process of filing FIRs and hospital admissions for the transgender community. She emphasizes the need for separate institutions to shield them from disdainful glances.

In a heartfelt plea, Rubi urges society to recognize the humanity within transgender individuals and cease the targeted killings they face. As a citizen, she appeals for the right to live without fear and discrimination, striving to bring about positive change for her community.