Political activists gathered at Torkham Nadra Chowk to protest the three-day detainment of numerous Pakistanis in Afghanistan.

Representatives from various political parties joined the demonstration, voicing concern over Afghan forces preventing dozens of Pakistanis, primarily laborers, from crossing the Torkham border into Pakistan. The protesters highlighted the confiscation of Pakistani passports by Afghan authorities.

In response to the situation, demonstrators warned of potential difficulties for Afghans if the stranded Pakistanis were not allowed to return promptly. The issue has persisted for three days, with Afghan forces reportedly taking forceful possession of passports.

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Earlier, a stranded passenger had reported the confiscation of his passport, despite having a valid visa and being denied entry into Pakistan. The ongoing situation has left hundreds of Pakistanis stranded on the Afghanistan side of the Torkham border.

As part of a crackdown on illegal residents, an operation began on Monday against foreigners residing unlawfully in Pakistan. Authorities have identified and plan to apprehend and deport those found residing illegally.

The deadline for illegal foreigners to leave Pakistan passed on November 1. Official sources indicate that Afghan citizens residing illegally are permitted to enter Afghanistan through the Torkham border after registration at Khyber’s Landi Kotal entry point.