Bushra Mehsud

Parents always think of their children and are even more sensitive in the case of girls. Especially when it comes to a girl’s marriage, they try to fulfill this duty as soon as possible. In this haste, they often overlook the young age of their daughter, and the consequences of such early marriages can haunt the girl for the rest of her life.

The trend of early marriage was once on the rise in the tribal districts, and while it has reduced to some extent, many girls are still facing the problems of early marriage. One of these girls is Samreena. She was married at the age of 13. After two years of marriage, Samreena got pregnant, but due to her young age and ignorance, she didn’t even realize it.

She continued to do heavy housework as usual. One day, her physical condition suddenly deteriorated. She had stopped menstruating for three months. When she was finally taken to a doctor, it was revealed that she was 3 months pregnant, and sadly, due to the lack of precautions, she suffered a miscarriage. The entire family was filled with worry and scolded Samreena for not even being aware of her pregnancy.

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On one hand, Samreena was grieving the loss of her child, and on the other hand, she was enduring physical pain. The inappropriate behavior of her family members at home further added to her distress. All of this was incredibly difficult for a 15-year-old girl to bear.

Time passed, and the pressure to have children from her in-laws grew stronger. She would often hear taunts blaming her for the loss of her child. Eight years passed since Samreena’s marriage, but she still didn’t have any children. Her in-laws started talking about her husband’s second marriage.

Samreena was consumed by severe depression. She was constantly reminded that she was responsible for losing her child. On top of that, she was told to find a girl for her husband’s second marriage. These hurtful words and expectations were incredibly painful for a young girl to endure.

The things that Samreena was being held responsible for were not her fault but were actually due to the decisions made by her parents and then her in-laws. Her family shouldn’t have married her off at such a young age, and they should have provided her with all the necessary information to avoid such difficulties in her new home.

Sadly, many girls like Samreena face mental problems along with physical hardships due to their ignorance after early marriage. It is crucial to conduct regular awareness campaigns against child marriage. Parents must be informed about the difficulties their daughters may face due to early marriage and should be encouraged to make more informed and responsible decisions for their children’s well-being.

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