In a sad turn of events, the funeral prayer for Rehan Zeb Khan, who met his untimely demise in Bajaur, unfolded as a historic gathering. Distinguished political figures, social leaders, and residents assembled to bid farewell to the late Rehan Zeib Khan.

The tragic incident occurred on Wednesday when unidentified assailants fatally shot Rehan Zeb Khan in Bajaur Siddique Abad. The assailants’ gunfire not only claimed Khan’s life but also left three others injured, currently undergoing medical treatment.

Rehan Zeb Khan, a hopeful for National Assembly Constituency NA-8 and PK-22, associated with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, took an independent route in the elections due to not securing a party ticket.

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Shockingly, despite the passage of 20 hours since the incident, the First Information Report (FIR) for Rehan Zeb Khan’s murder remains unregistered. SHO Rashid Khan disclosed that the names of unknown individuals have been added to the post, but the FIR is yet to be officially filed.

The funeral ceremony, attended by thousands from Bajaur, Mohmand, Dir, and nationwide, marked a historic turnout, reflecting the profound impact of Rehan Zeb Khan’s life and death.

Rehan Zeb, a prominent local leader of PTI, opted for independent candidacy after failing to secure a party ticket for NA-8 and PK-22 constituencies. The assailants attacked him during an election campaign event at Siddiqabad Gate, with bullets striking his head and neck. The injured include Sultan Rum, Talha Yousaf, and Fazal Amin.

Upon learning of Rehan Zeb’s demise, a spontaneous protest erupted, resulting in a sit-in at Civil Colony Khar Road. The Bajaur political alliance, however, called off the protest after assurances from Deputy Commissioner Bajaur and DPO Bajaur regarding the imminent arrest of the perpetrators.

Simultaneously, a grand jirga of the Salarzai tribes is underway, with political and tribal leaders convening to deliberate on crucial decisions for future courses of action against the tragic murder of Rehan Zeb Khan.