Aftab Mohmand

In a distressing incident at Islamia College University in Peshawar, a zoology student reportedly took his own life, allegedly due to dissatisfaction with his marks in the MDCAT test.

Mubashir Ali, hailing from Parachinar in the Kurram district, consumed sleeping pills in his hostel room, leading to severe health complications. Despite the immediate intervention, Mubashir succumbed to the effects of the pills at Khyber Teaching Hospital.

University authorities revealed the recovery of a bottle of sleeping pills from Mubashir’s pocket. The hospital administered stomach cleansing to address the overdose. Despite efforts, Mubashir’s health deteriorated, and he was placed in the medical ICU, ultimately unable to survive. The administration emphasized the danger of the narcotics consumed.

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Sources indicate that Mubashir Ali had faced failure in the MDCAT test for the second time, having also participated in the test on November 26, 2023. His uncle, Amjad Ali, shared that Mubashir hailed from an educated family that prioritized education for personal growth rather than societal expectations. His sudden demise has left the family shocked and grieving.

Mubashir’s friend and roommate, Muhammad Salim, expressed disbelief at the turn of events, highlighting Mubashir’s calm and studious nature. The college’s Media and Sports in-charge, Ali Hoti, emphasized the institution’s commitment to students’ well-being, including mental development through sports and activities. He stressed the importance of counseling for students to navigate career choices in educational settings.

While the university campus police await contact from Mubashir’s family for a statement, the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident prompt reflection on the challenges students face and the need for comprehensive support mechanisms.