An Afghan national was apprehended at Chitral’s NADRA office in Drosh while attempting to obtain a Pakistani identity card by impersonating a Pakistani citizen and bringing his father along.

Rehmanullah, an Afghan citizen who arrived in Pakistan from Afghanistan via Torkham two days ago, aimed to fraudulently acquire a Pakistani identity card. The truth was uncovered during the investigation led by the NADRA in-charge in Drosh. Upon admitting to the crime, the imposter was promptly handed over to the police.

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In the course of the interrogation, the Afghan national disclosed that he had promised to pay facilitators 17 lakh rupees for orchestrating the acquisition of a Pakistani identity card. Subsequently, the police arrested Yousaf Khan, son of Anwar Khan, and Ali Jan, son of Muhammad Jan, both residents of Arund, Drosh, who were identified as the facilitators.

Following the confession, the police registered a case against the father and the facilitators, in addition to the Afghan national. The public commended the Deputy Assistant Director of NADRA in Drosh for the effective handling of the investigation process.