The young generation is like the backbone of every country. This generation must forge ahead, fulfilling not only their wishes and dreams but also those of their parents. Supporting one’s elderly parents and contributing to the service of country and nation are integral aspects of this responsibility.

However, have you ever noticed that today’s youth are becoming increasingly rude? Some label this behavior as boldness and self-confidence, claiming they have the right to express themselves. Unfortunately, the younger generation seems to have forgotten the critical distinction between boldness and rudeness.

Instances of rudeness can be observed, whether directed towards teachers, parents, or elders. This prevailing condition among the youth leaves me pensive. Numerous questions surface, questioning whether the fault lies with the youth, their parents, or society at large. Could the lack of proper training be steering this younger generation toward self-direction? Why do today’s sons utter disrespectful words to their parents? Why do daughters humiliate their parents? What causes today’s parents to be angry with their children, who were once the apple of their eye?

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These questions have occupied my thoughts for several days. A significant factor contributing to this trend is the parenting style and undue pampering that young individuals receive. The relentless pursuit of fulfilling every desire, whether legitimate or otherwise, erodes the essence of tolerance within the young generation. They fall victim to the misconception that whatever they desire is acceptable or justified.

Consider a scenario where a child, having disagreed with someone, returns home in tears. Instead of offering guidance, parents may respond by encouraging revenge, instilling a harmful habit in the child.

Similarly, many parents communicate to their children that teachers are compensated for the fees they pay. Consequently, these children may not develop the necessary respect for their teachers or, by extension, their parents in the future.

Another contributing factor to the rudeness observed in the younger generation is the prevailing societal situation and the impact of social media. The youth’s focus on mobile phones, the internet, and laptops leaves little time for meaningful interactions with elders, limiting opportunities to absorb valuable lessons from their experiences.

It is disheartening to observe that while the young generation quickly grasps the use of social media, they lag in areas of literature and respect. They appear to have forgotten the difference between rudeness and boldness, failing to incorporate the principles of good and bad into their personalities.

Recognizing that the young generation is the future, parents bear the responsibility to teach them the importance of distinguishing between good and bad. Efforts should be exerted to guide them on the right path. Simultaneously, the young generation must shoulder the duty of learning the distinctions between good and bad, big and small, treating everyone with good manners rather than veering towards rudeness.

Note: Ranaz is an exam controller of a private college and also blogs on gender and social issues.