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Peshawar police line mosque blast death toll surges to 95

Caretaker chief minister said that 225 others were wounded
by Editor - 31 Jan, 2023 1575

Death toll of Peshawar police lines mosque blast has surged to 95 while 225 others were injured.

Talking to reporters at after the scene, KP caretaker Muhammad Azam Khan and inspector general of police Moazzam Jah Ansari said that they have also constituted an inter-agency joint investigation team to probe the attack.

KP police chief said that the probe team will be headed a by a DIG of police department and will have representation of intelligence's agencies.  Police chief also said that the about 10 to 12 kilograms of explosives were used in the mosque blast.

Explosives smuggled into police line in small quantities

However, he said that initial investigations suggest that explosives were smuggled inside the police lines in small quantities. Besides, he said that the attackers might have entered the area in the guise of a guest and armed him with the suicide vest to carry out the attack.

Ansari said that most of the casualties did not happen due to the blast, rather, the shock wave of the blast led to the collapse of the structure, which fell over people beneath.

The IG said that in addition to this another probe team headed by the capital city police will also investigate the attack. He said that this team will investigate as to how the attacker managed to enter the police lines.

Ansari said that police suspected Jamaatul Ahrar to be behind this attack. He said that JuA had splintered from the Tehrik Taliban Pakistan central after the killing of its leader of Omar Khalid Khursani earlier in August last year.

Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, KP Rescue 1122 also announced that completion of its relief operation to pull out injured and death from beneath the debris.

The operation lasted about 24 hours.

The blast inside Peshawar police lines mosque had taken place during noon prayers on Monday with large number of people trapped beneath the debris.