In a significant development, Bannu police, in collaboration with the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), engaged in a fierce encounter resulting in the death of two terrorists in the Mandan police station limits. The joint operation unfolded in the darkness of the night, marked by intense gunfire between law enforcement and unidentified assailants.

During the operation, Kalashnikovs, pistols, and various other weapons were successfully recovered from the terrorists. DIG Qasim Ali Khan commended the prompt and effective action taken by Bannu Police and CTD, leading to the elimination of the two wanted terrorists. Unfortunately, other unidentified individuals managed to evade the authorities and escape the scene.

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Both terrorists had been sought by the police in connection with multiple cases, making their neutralization a significant achievement. The incident occurred during the night, prompting Bannu police to swiftly surround the area and initiate the operation.

This marks the second instance of gunfire exchanges between the police and terrorists this month in the region. On January 9, assailants targeted policemen during a polio campaign on Meeryan Road, resulting in injuries to two officers. In response, Bannu police launched an extensive operation in Tori Qalla, lasting eight hours and concluding with two police personnel losing their lives and one terrorist being killed in the retaliatory action.