In a significant counter-terrorism operation, security forces have successfully eliminated two key terrorists in the Painda Cheena Ghaibi Nika area of the Khyber district. Conducted under the cover of darkness, the operation was based on credible intelligence regarding the presence of terrorists in the region.

The successful mission resulted in the neutralization of two terrorists, with one being identified as Muhammad Mujahid Qaiser, a resident of Dara Adam Khel. The identity of the other terrorist is under investigation. Furthermore, the security forces have seized a cache of weapons from the terrorists’ possession.

This operation comes in the wake of recent security concerns in the region. Just days ago, an official from the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) was tragically killed by unidentified assailants in Bara Tehsil of Khyber district.

Additionally, the previous month witnessed two suicide attacks on the Bara compound, resulting in the loss of five personnel and injury to seven others.

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Adding to the security challenges, the second week following these attacks saw a devastating suicide blast in Ali Masjid, Tehsil Jamrud. This incident claimed the life of Sub-Inspector Adnan Afridi. However, law enforcement agencies swiftly apprehended the second accomplice of the suicide bomber, making progress in thwarting further acts of terror.

Meanwhile, another incident unfolded in Upper Sub-Division Ladha Tehsil Makin of South Waziristan. Unidentified gunmen targeted a bomb disposal squad with a rocket, leaving four brave soldiers injured. Among the injured soldiers were Sepah Nasir, Sepah Malang, and Sepah Hafeez. An unidentified soldier was also injured in the attack.

The rocket strike inflicted substantial damage to the forces’ vehicle, prompting a robust retaliatory response from the security forces who unleashed a heavy barrage of fire on suspected hideouts.

Sadly, this incident also resulted in collateral damage as multiple shells from heavy weapons fell in residential areas, leading to injuries among the civilian population. The increasing activities of unknown elements in Upper South Waziristan have cultivated an atmosphere of fear and anxiety, compelling the residents to live in a state of constant apprehension.

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