In a significant development, law enforcement agencies have apprehended nine terrorists, with the mastermind behind the DI Khan attack among them. Police sources confirm the capture of two terrorists, including the key figure, Kifayat, directly linked to the heinous terrorist act.

The mastermind hails from the Daraban area, and an additional seven individuals, identified as facilitators in the attack, have also been taken into custody. Siddiqullah, another arrested terrorist, is revealed to be from Daraban, Dera Ismail Khan.

Official documents reveal that six of the apprehended terrorists have Afghan origins, while five are affiliated with the banned TTP Gandapur group, underscoring the cross-border implications of the attack.

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The suicide bomber, Hasan, alias Shakir, is identified as an Afghan national who had released a pre-attack video. Among the casualties, Sifatullah Marwat, linked to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, had his identity card and domicile recovered.

Additionally, US-made weapons and ammunition were seized in conjunction with the arrests. The police have received confirmation from the suicide bomber’s father, affirming his son’s association with the Islamic Emirate.

This development follows the tragic attack a week ago in Daraban, Dera Ismail Khan, where terrorists targeted a security forces checkpoint, resulting in the loss of 23 lives. In the subsequent counteraction, six terrorists were neutralized.