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KP Information Directorate employees protest against appointment of DG Information

by TNN Editor - 02 May, 2023 1649

Employees of the Information Directorate went on strike to protest against the appointment of DG Information, causing sections to be locked down. The Department Officers Association associated with the Information Directorate also participated in the strike, and journalists supported the protest.

Employees of the Information Directorate claim that there have been irregular appointments in the directorate, leading to demands for the DG Information to be appointed from within the Directorate.

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Attaullah Khan, President of the Information Welfare Association, claimed that there was opposition among the employees to the appointment of an external candidate as DG, alleging that the candidate lacked the technical expertise and experience required for the role. He believes that the arrival of someone from outside is not allowed because they will be non-technical employees, leading to all matters being addressed improperly.

Today, the strike was a symbolic one, but they plan to protest against the appointment of DG Information on a regular basis from tomorrow.

President of the Attached Department Officers Association, Mohammad Amin Khan, who is also participating in the strike, stated that when there is a senior officer in the department, what is the need to bring someone from outside? He said that this is a technical post requiring 25 or 30 years of experience, and Imran, who is qualified for the position, should be appointed.

Fazal Hussain of Grade 19 of Provincial Management Services was appointed as Director General of Information and Public Relations Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Fazl Hussain was previously appointed to the Board of Revenue.

Recently, senior journalist Shamim Shahid stopped the press conference of the caretaker information minister against his appointment, stating that the appointment of a bureaucrat in this position is a violation of the rights of the employees of the Information Department.