Aftab Mohmand

In a shocking revelation, the mysterious death of a ‘Saraf’ (money exchanger) found lifeless inside his car in Peshawar has been exposed as a murder. The victim, Haji Muhammad Asif, was allegedly killed by a woman who had drugged his drink. The police have registered a case against the wife of a Punjab police official and the rickshaw driver involved in the incident.

On August 24, the Khan Raziq Shaheed police station discovered Haji Muhammad Asif’s lifeless body inside his car at an undisclosed location. Haji Asif, a resident of Gulbahar number 4, had gone missing the previous day, and his mobile phone was switched off, according to his brother, Haji Waheed.

The police took custody of the body, initiated a post-mortem examination, and launched an investigation. During their inquiry, they discovered that the victim’s mobile phone was missing. Subsequently, they located the missing mobile phone with the rickshaw driver, Abdul Mateen, a resident of Musazai, and placed him under arrest.

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Abdul Mateen, the detained rickshaw driver, informed the police that the missing mobile phone had been handed to him by Amjad Ali’s wife, a resident of Rawalpindi. Concurrently, the police received a statement from the rickshaw driver, revealing that on August 23, Haji Asif had offered a ride to a woman who had rendered him unconscious by administering a drugged drink during the journey.

The woman made off with the victim’s mobile phone, cash, and belongings. Tragically, Haji Asif succumbed to a drug overdose. As a result of these findings, the police have filed cases against the woman for murder, administering an intoxicating substance, and theft. It has been disclosed that the accused is the wife of a Punjab Police official. The police are conducting raids to apprehend the woman.